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RSS feed into Facebook

  1. Facebook lets you import existing blogs into your "notes". I had no problems with my old blog (not on wordpress), but have just set up a wordpress blog. I went to make the change at Facebook - it asks for the feed, so I entered (yes, I substituted "blog" with my username). But I get the following error - "Import Failed We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."

    Any help?

  2. Try using feed:// , which is what the http:// URL will actually resolve to.

  3. I just tried it, but got the same error message. :(

  4. What is the address of your blog?

  5. Have you checked with support over at facebook?

  6. Hi the sacredpath! My blog is at
    I'll check with facebook support, too.

  7. I just checked your feed, , and it seems to be working fine. See what facebook has to say as I'm out of ideas. Perhaps someone else will chime in here with an idea though.

  8. Could it be all the changes made to facebook recently?

    I use an app there and the person who wrote it is considering dropping it because he just don't have time to deal with all the API changes.

  9. Facebook seems to have made the needed change, cuz I just tried it again today and voila! :D

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