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    I’m using the RSS feed recommended by this group and it’s doing the job admirably. I have a question about latency or a delay between when a post shows up on the master site, and when it’s reflected into my blog via the RSS widget.

    I have a “Cat Cartoon” site that has a post appearing daily. Right now it’s showing “April 16” … the RSS widget on my main site, however, has “April 15” as it’s latest post.

    I noticed this problem yesterday and, after a couple hours it corrected itself … so I expect the same will happen today.

    What I’m looking for is 1) whether this is normal (I believe it is), and then … depending on that answer, either: 2) if it’s not normal, some proposed debugging steps, or 3) if it is normal, what sort of latency I should expect in RSS feed reflection.

    I’ve looked through the forums and support site on the RSS widget and nothing is popping. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, that’s definitely normal. Your feed is updated instantly, but feed readers (like the RSS widget) only check for new posts on scheduled intervals.

    It usually take the RSS widget at most 6 hours to pick up the newest posts.

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