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    Need to, *must* syndicate all my RSS Feeds and despite having “full text” enabled forever, none of them display full text. This is really frustrating. Contacting support over e-mail doesn’t usually work as last time I heard from you a week later when I wanted to get a URL hooked up to WordPress. I know there is something I am supposed to do converting it to RSS2.0, but I don’t think I can do that as WordPress doesn’t let me edit themes. HELP! :-p

    The blog I need help with is



    Please provide some specifics. Which blog are your referring to? Please post an active link to it starting with http://

    Which theme are you using?

    Have you checked your settings?
    > Dashboard > Settings > Reading
    Syndication feeds show the most recent __items
    For each article in a feed, show
    __ Full text


    I have checked my settings. For weeks, they have shown “full text” chosen. I tried few and many blog posts in the feeds. Nothing. My blogs use all different themes and different themes historically. Same issue. Worse I cannot edit the theme myself as I use as a hosting which I usually enjoy but on this rss deal not so much

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