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RSS feed of my blog doesn't show images

  1. I'm using Google Reader, and subscribed to my own blog just to see how it comes across. For some reason, none of the images are showing up. I can see pics on other blogs I've subscribed to, including those hosted at WordPress. Anyone have any ideas how to make my pics show?

    This might be related: my blog shows up truncated; several others don't. Don't know how to change this, either.

  2. Should have added, this happens whether I use the page breaks or not.

  3. When I view your feed, I get the entire posts and your images. I guess I don't know why google reader isn't in your case, but it always works for me there as well.


  4. Thanks. I re-set the syndication feed setting to "summary" and then back to "full text" (where it was originally) and it seems to have fixed the problem.

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