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RSS feed on blog

  1. I've read through widgets, forums and support on the site and can't seem to find out how I add the "RSS feed for this blog" icon/capability onto my blog -- so people who visit can click on it and automatically get my blog entries in their email. Is it an upgrade? Or am I having stupid moment?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog please.

  3. oops. sorry! thanks!

  4. This FAQ I got by searching for "email update" will explain how to offer email updates to your readers through feedburner: . In my experience it works very well.

  5. you are terrific. thank you!

  6. You're welcome.

  7. i found this really helpful, too. thank you so much.
    (though kind of hard to find your question/answer in the first place.)

  8. pressingdigressions

    Hi all-

    What is a "text widget"?

  9. I put the rss address in the rss widget and hit save, and when I go back to the site its not there?

  10. What rss address did you put in the rss widget, exactly? Your theme already has the RSS button for itself built right in.

  11. I fixed it ..thanks for the help.. I was having one of those days where the entire world showed up to do maint on their site at the same time I wanted to slowing the system down to a snails pace.. Kind of stuff you see when one gets impatient.. ... go fish!!

  12. So I read above, BUT if I want an RSS button AND/OR people to be able to subscibe via email ON THE TOP RIGHT CORNER, what do I do?

    Shari Weiss:

    Also if I bought a domain name: -- can I use that in some way for the above blog?

  13. You would need to purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade to attach a given domain to a blog here. Details are here:

    And if you want the RSS button in the top right corner, you can either use a theme that puts it there automatically (MistyLook does, I think) or you can put it in a sidebar widget at the top of the right sidebar.

    It would make it easier on the forum volunteers if you change the link on your Profile Website to your blog. Then we could just click your name and see your blog.

  14. raincoster, sorry but I don't understand "change the link on [my] Profile Website to [my] blog"
    Can you help me understand what you mean, i.e., what exactly I need to do?

  15. The link that is attached to your name here is . You change that on your Profile page, under "Website". Sorry I wasn't clearer.

  16. Hello all,

    I have successfully put rss feeds from the google reader on my blog. However the feeds display the icons oddly on the blog. ( ). Someone told me that it was a plugin wrapper problem, but I did not have any bookmarking plug-ins in use. The only thing I can think of that could have mucked things up is that I am using Wp O'matic and simplepie plugins. I was also advised to put Addthis plugin on my site too. I'm not sure where I should start to look to solve this problem.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  17. You are in the wrong forum and need to be over at WordPress.ORG. Our software here works differently and we won't be able to help you.

  18. I have changed my profile website. Thank you for the instruction. NOW, back to RSS feed. How EXACTLY do I put the words "Subscribe by Email" and a box for readers to put in their email for when I update -- on top of SEARCH?
    Thank you

  19. THX, thesacredpath -- I have added FEEDS, however, NOT the one I particularly wanted. My hope was that my readers -- mostly very new blog readers who don't even know Feeds -- could simply put in their email address and receive my updates. Can you or anyone else help with that?

  20. How can I add this: Or, subscribe via email:

    [I tried to copy exactly what I wanted from another site, but the box for the email and the words SUBSCRIBE and FEEDBURNER logo did not show up in this "cut and paste"]

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