RSS feed problem, and searching

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    Hi there.
    Thanks for a cool product, breeze to set up and use!
    I’m having a problem with the RSS feeds. When I click on the RSS link in the side bar, it tries to open the following link feed:
    this link doesnt exist.

    If I manually delete the “feed:” I can display the RSS feed. How do I fix this? I have tried a couple of different themes, so it doesnt seem to theme related.

    Second; I know a couple of friends (I have just one or two left) and colleagues have looked at the blog, but I dont see any viewings in the stats. I also cant find the site on google technorati etc, despite flagging that option in the set up.

    What am I doing wrong?



    1 – Covered in the FAQ as well as many times beforehand.

    2 – It’s in Google. Give it time to scan the entire blog and for the data to work into the main search records. From looking at some of other Google databases, more pages are in there. Also remember that you don’t get “hits” on your stats unless they click thru to view the actual posts within your blog.


    thanks for the response.
    super product, super support-

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