RSS Feed question, from a newbie!

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    I actually did look into past posts and FAQ’s, but still don’t get it. I just started a wordpress blog. I see that you can add the RSS widget to the sidebar by dragging and dropping it. How do I get the feedburner icon to appear. I saw that you can add a text widget too and then type in your url, with the png feedburner icons, but when you drop a text widget into the sidebar in custom, where does it let you type in anything? Also, when I drag and drop the RSS widget nothing appears. Plus, any suggestions as to which feed to use, ie the different RSS versions and Atom?

    My address is
    Please forgive me, as I am just a newbie. :)

    Thanks in advance.




    You mentioned your review of the FAQs on the subject of rss feeds but you didn’t mention the forum search box. Perhaps you’ll find useful information in these threads


    Hey timethief. Thanks for your reply. I have since subscribed to feedburner and have dragged and dropped the RSS widget to sidebar. It has been configured. However, next to the chicklet, I added “subscribe.” When I left the title, which is optional, blank, it just looked silly because it was my blog title in overly big letters. It was hyperlinked to the blog address. What is the point of this?

    Am I doing something wrong?




    The RSS widget is actually for RSS feeds from other sites that you want to display, not for your own RSS feed. For example if you wanted to display Timethief’s RSS feed on your blog.

    I would add in a text widget and include the link to your Feedburner feed in that.

    Please remember that you don’t need to use Feedburner if you don’t want to. An RSS feed is already included with your blog. Just add in ‘/feed/’ to the end of your URL.


    Hope this helps,

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