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rss feed questions

  1. Hi, I am aware that this was probably asked before but I have problems I am struggling with for a few days now. This RSS thing is something new to me, so far I have read about it and now I want to implement it in my blog. So far I have succeeded to add a widget to my side bar
    But how can I add the "red RSS sign" to it? Or better how can I add the rss feed link to my blog entires? I tried to follow this
    but I failed with that.
    This is the code I added.
    ~<img src="/>~
    Can someone please explain how can I do this?
    Thanks, Sasha

  2. put this code in your sidebar.

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="1" /></a>

  3. Thank you Sulz,

    But how do you write to the sidebar?
    Also how do you add RSS Feed signs and links in the blog posts?

  4. once you put it in the sidebar it can be viewed in every page of your blog (this depends on the kind of theme you use, though). it would be overkill to put your rss feed in every post.

    how to put your feed in the sidebar? it is written in the faq you found regarding rss feed.

    If you want to show your feed link:
        * Drag a Text Widget to your sidebar
        * Open it by clicking the blue lines
  5. What does this mean and how can I do that?
    * Drag a Text Widget to your sidebar

  6. left click on the text widget and hold on to it. then literally drag the widget into your sidebar.

  7. Oh I see it now. Didn't notice previous the text widget. Thank you!

  8. no problem...

  9. I would like to pile on to this question. I would like to "broadcast" my blog. But I really dont have a clue how to do it. As per this post I put the following line in my RSS widget's first line:

    <img src=”image-location” />

    Was this the proper thing to do?? What is the significance of the different colors (if there is any)??

    Basically I am completely at a loss with the area of syndication......any assistance would sincerely be appreciated. Thanks

  10. the colours have no difference, it's just for your personal preference. to put your feed in your sidebar, use the code i've given above, but replace the image url with the url of the image you want (if you want to put a different colour, that is).

  11. Thank you. However, I am receiving the following error:

    Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

  12. what's the url of your blog? if you have a blog your rss feed url is


    I do have a WP blog. Your tip about having the RSS sign display worked. Thank you VERY much. However, it raises the question what is the previous line of code you mentioned do???

    <img src="" alt="1" />

    And where should I place it???

    Would It be a terrible bother if you would please take a look at the web site to see if everything is in order???

    Thanks again.

  14. I have put an RSS feed in my sidebar, but it is not updating automatically. I have it set to pick up new info every day, but it has not been doing that. My RSS feed is:


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