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    Hi all, I have been noticing that my feed stats are low percentage wise with blogpulse and feedster. “Other” seems to be consistent at around 70%. How can I increase both my readership through blog pulse and feedster.

    Second Chance to Live is at the top of the list on Google search ( the first two entries) and I am high on the list of other search engines. I am wanting to increase my visibility on the feed readers– feedster and blog pulse — as well as on the search engines. Any suggestions on how I can increase my readership on those fronts?


    Well, you already have a widget in your sidebar with your feeds. My only thought would be to see if the feedster and blog pulse sites have any advice. They might have some option for registering your blog there. I wouldn’t bother with it though unless they do say it will cause more people to read your feed. Maybe someone else will have better advice. :-/


    Thank you for your input Sir.

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