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RSS Feed Reload Time?

  1. I used the search function on the forums and the FAQ, but nothing answered my questions about RSS feeds (and I'm not that great at html lingo, either).

    I posted the feed from my blog to my site, but I've made 2 new posts already (30 minutes ago), but my website still displays that welcome post you get when you first sign up.

    How can I get instant feed from my blog to my website?

    Thanks for your time.

  2. It's 90% likely that the feed has already gone out. It's the display in the sidebar that is cached, and usually it updates in less time than that, but it can be up to an hour.

  3. Hang on, just read it again. You do know that using a feed to post stuff to another website is going to hurt you in Google standings, right? Just a word of caution: they hate duplication.

    Also: have you successfully used a feed to update your website before? Have you tested the feed from your blog? Which blog is it (exact link, please, starting with http) so we can take a look?

  4. Hey raincoaster, thanks for replying.

    By Google standings, do you mean the ability to be found through Google's search engine?

    I just refreshed my website: and it has updated the postings of my blog:

    I just wanted to know how long 'til people actually see recent posts. One hour, you said? Is there a meta tag or something I can put on my site that refreshes the content of the RSS feed to the most recent post, or is it this something I can't change?

    Thanks again.

  5. The RSS feed should go out immediately. Only the RSS widget in the sidebar is cached, because everything in the sidebar is cached. How long till people see it on your site? I have no idea; that completely depends on how you've set up your site and I'm afraid we here won't be able to help with that; we're focused, not independent HTML focused, so we don't actually use that feature generally.

    And yes, I mean your pagerank and the ability of people to find your stuff on Google. Google looks at duplicate content as "gaming the system" and downgrades you. The band Nine Inch Nails, for instance, posts exactly the same content (comments and all) to Blogspot and and their blogs kind of suck for pagerank, despite the fact that the band is famous worldwide and gets tons of hits on both blogs.

  6. Ohh, I see. Low pagerankings are fine with me.

    Thanks for kinda clarifying RSS feeds. This topic is now resolved.

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