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    All help greatly appreciated. I have three RSS feeds listed with title headings on the top of my sidebar. Two of them are working. The most important one though (listed first at the top of the sidebar) is not. This is the RSS feed that links to the home page. Did check this RSS feed and it is correctly formated. Unfortunately this feed page is not showing any recent posts. The most recent post starts showing posts from many months ago! The odd thing is the two other feeds listed just below this feed are working fine. Anyone have any ideas to correct this? To see this go to: Women News Network – WNN at



    Just switched the troubled RSS feed over to Feedburner… so its working now…. but not in wordpress.

    Still would love to know how to get it working in wordpress. Did try everything. Formating was correct. Really got stumped on this.

    All thanks to anyone who has ideas.



    Could you please validate the feed with the following?

    I checked my blog’s feed some days ago and this reported the blog feed is not valid RSS!
    Raised the issue to support but there is no reply.



    Thanks for your help. I checked feedvalidator to see if my feed is validating. No… it isn’t. Did switch over to feedburner today…. which is working fine. Looks like the team may need to fix this. I’m sure we are not the only ones experiencing this. People just haven’t checked their rss feeds in a long time.

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