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RSS feed subscription problem

  1. Just when I thought I had the RSS feed thingee figured out and after I thought I had properly configured my RSS feed widgets I noticed I had a comment.[My heart soared and then I read it.]

    This is what it said:
    I noticed you on the WP forums. You had a problem with your URL then.

    I tried to subscribe to your feed today. You have a problem there too.

    Your feed is not but

    Well - Sheesh I hate trying to deal with this technical "stuff" [I mean - arrghhh!]

    I have now changed my RSS feed widget configurations as stated above, so is this all I have to do? [She said with a sigh].

    Great Gobs [she added] I have other blogs too and I have probably not put the correct URLs in their feed widgets either. How do I determine what the RSS feed URLs ought to be? What to do?

    [typo in URL fixed - drmike]

  2. Both work. You're running your posts through your "Current" page which is why that one works. The first one is the normal feed for a website.

    I would point them to the first link so if you every change how things look on your site, you won't have to get people to update their feed URLs.

  3. True to form as an eccentric person I have run another of my blogs with the latest posts under a "current" page tab too - so I changed the URL in the RSS widget on those two feeds as well. On the third blog I have used "home" for the latest posts so I didn't change these feeds but out of curiosity I looked at them and "surprise" I found a space in one URL that shouldn't have been there so I removed it. The one thing that blogging is teaching me is how to become a very perfectionistically "picky" person. And yes! I did get the message about changing how the page the posts are running from means changing the feed URLS - I copied it into my blogging notes. Tx again.

  4. Hi. I just clicked on my RSS feed on You know it's the one I changed the configuration to as above. Well I ended up on the WordPress page asking me if I wanted another blog and showing me the box I used to set up the bloggersblurt account. Please assist me - something here is very wonky and I don't know what to do to correct it.

  5. In the duration of listening to "it's quiet here today" I went back and checked the RSS feeds on my two other blogs and they are fine. The two on are definitely wonky - please help me fix them before the evening descends on us.

  6. That's cuz you're missing the 's' in 'bloggersblurt' :)

  7. Sometimes I make myself laugh. Yes, I was missing the "s" and I was also missing the "l" too. So how does one make one of those emoticons indicating really stupid as in daft?

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