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    I have confirmed with some friends, they are subscribed to my blog through RSS feeds. Where do I find statistics o the number of RSS feed subscriptions? It seems the “views” statistics are not being updated or increased for people subscribed through RSS feeds. I tried myself subscribing to the blog RSS feed and reading the post on Google Reader while I was logged out of WordPress. The “views” did not increase. Any hints?

    The blog I need help with is



    We do record when a user clicks through to the blog post from a feed reader and register that as a view, but there’s absolutely no way to record direct views from RSS readers, as an RSS feed is really just a stream of data.


    Thanks. I thought I might get that answer. What about the second part of the questions, when people add the feed to their reader do we get any “backlink” of any kind? What about if they just press the RSS Feed icon, do that get recorded?



    Not necessarily.

    We can record users who subscribe via Subscriptions and email subscriptions as that’s an in-house system, and we present a list for that in the Subscriptions tab of the General box on your Site Stats, but we can’t record anything from third-party readers or when users simply load the feed in their browsers.


    Again thank you very much. I believe the question can be marked as resolved.



    You’re welcome!

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