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    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve entered the rss feed into my go daddy website, but it’s not being recognized. Any suggestions? Others seem to have the same question, so I have checked already. Not sure if I’m missing some sort of common resolution? Thanks.



    This is the RSS feed URL for your posts
    Note it includes all Media Files.
    Your feed for posts is valid and operational.



    Thank you. I’ll keep trying.



    We believe the issue is at the Go Daddy end of things.


    On the phone with their tech support now. He’s checking with advanced support. He thought at first it was because I updated my posts today and there weren’t any archival posts, so I’d need to wait for today’s posts to fully post. This didn’t really make sense to me, so he agreed to escalate it. I’ll let you know if I learn anything useful, if you wish.


    The tech support representative claims that the RSS service used by Go Daddy requires consistent posting of content in order to be indexed and recognized by a site built with Go Daddy WebsiteBuilder 7. He estimated it would take about a month of consistent posting for my WordPress blog to be recognized as an RSS feed through WebsiteBuilder7. In the meantime, the tech support rep. suggested that I manually post the same content or create a URL hotlink until my RSS feed can be established. Even if someone has a site that’s been around for awhile, the key is consistent posting (without a specific definition of what “consistent” means, unfortunately).



    Thanks for sharing that information here.



    Thanks for letting us know!

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