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    Hi there, I have a question regarding updates of RSS feeds. I could not find an answer to the following question neither in the German forum nor in the questions already answered on the English support site and hope that you can help me. My RSS feed does not update – I posted a new article more than 36 hours ago (it is named “Tiroler Gröstl”) and it still doesn’t show up in the feed. The browser is not the problem (I emptied the cache, refreched, tried another browser etc.). What might be the problem? Thanks for an answer!
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    The blog I need help with is



    I took a look and everything is working properly.

    Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Google Chrome?


    Thanks for your answer!

    The problem existed in both browsers, chrome and firefox. By now the article appeared in the feed, but it took quite some time – whereas my newest articles today appeared there immediately. I will keep attention to it and get back here if the problem reappears.

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