RSS Feed url problem…Can you please help me ID?

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    I have read both the RSS Widget and RSS Widget link information

    I need to find my Blog Feed Url (RSS)

    I initially had a address called

    I then bought the domain somewhere else and transferred everything to

    I found a link to validate my Url and encountered the following problem. Thank you in advance for your help…OK to write to me like I was five! :)
    Cheers! Joanne

    FEED Validator


    IO Error

    Your feed couldn’t be validated because there was a problem downloading it from the web server. You should try to diagnose this using a web browser, and make sure that the URL you supplied resolves to an accessible file.

    One specific case that causes this is a server that claims the file is compressed, but then serves an uncompressed file. You may need to contact your host’s administrators to resolve this problem.

    Make sure this URL can be downloaded with a browser, then try again.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello! I’m not sure what the errors mean but you can usually get the RSS feed of a blog by adding /rss or /feed to it’s url.

    I was able to access yours at the ff links:

    Tell me if those worked for you.


    G’day and big, big, thanks for your time and reply. When I click on those links it brings me to subscribe to my blog (presumably) by RSS.

    How do I get a RSS link on my blog? I currently only have a Twitter link.

    Thank you. I have read, but am still confused, but at least I now know what my blog Rss url link is thanks to you!
    Cheers! Joanne


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    What are you confused about?
    Have you tried to put an RSS widget into your sidebar with the link shown above?


    G’day and big, big, thanks again. I have now placed the Rss widget on my home page of my blog.

    I “thought” I could only include an Rss “icon”

    If you look at my page and see the Twitter symbol, I “thought” I could put an RSS symbol next to it; hence my confusion. Is there a simple way to do that too?

    I do appreciate your time and being patient, guiding me through.

    Thank you! Genuinely…


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    Sorry, I don’t know. Let’s wait to see if another volunteer can help with that. I just don’t know anything about twitter…


    G’day and thank you for your time and reply

    Is not a Twitter symbol question

    Is there a simple RSS symbol I can put next to my Twitter symbol or is my site ok the way it is with the RSS feed on the bottom

    thank you. Sorry for the confusion



    Hello again!

    What kind of widget are you using for the section? Is it a Text/HTML widget?

    Also, where is your twitter icon located? It looks like it’s hosted at×32.png

    If you can also host an RSS icon somewhere, you can then add this code beside the code that displays your twitter icon:
    <a rel="me" class="am_service_icon" target="_blank" href=""><img src="link/to/your/rssicon.png" width="32" height="32" alt="rss"></a>

    Can you try that first?



    Oops, the code is incomplete. :) It should be like this:
    <a rel="me" class="am_service_icon" target="_blank" href=""><img src="link/to/your/rssicon.png" width="32" height="32" alt="rss"></a>


    G’day and BIG thanks!

    My about me widget was obtained from here

    with my url

    I added Twitter as an app, but there is no option to add an Rss feed.

    I am wondering if what I added at the bottom of the right hand side of the page is my proper rss feed?

    Thank you in advance. I have A LOT to learn!



    *doi* Sorry about that! I didn’t check the widgets properly.

    There should be an RSS Links widget in your Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.

    In the Format dropdown, choose Image Link or Text & Image Links. You should get an RSS icon that link to a page that allows your readers to subscribe to your RSS.

    I am wondering if what I added at the bottom of the right hand side of the page is my proper rss feed?

    Yes, it does display your RSS feed. It shows what your RSS subscribers will see. :) But the RSS Links widget will display an icon that allows your visitors to actually subscribe to your RSS feeds.


    G’day and WHOO HOO! I think I have done it correctly

    Can you please check my website and see if this is how it is supposed to be?

    Again, a very big, big thank you from me!



    Yes, I can access the subscription page to your RSS feed now via the new widget you added. :)



    Big, Big thanks to you for being VERY patient and understanding of my slowness in understanding! GREATLY appreciate and will set the topic to resolve thanks to you!

    REALLY and genuinely appreciated!



    I didn’t know we can set our topics to resolved… haha

    You’re welcome!



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