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    Please be aware that I am code-deficient. ;)

    I need to tie a few subsite blogs to our main site that auto-update, and the only way I have found to really do this with the themes and plugins we have (alas, I have no say in what we use) is the RSS Feed Widget.

    Here’s the problem. The Widget works great, but it shows the oldest posts first. Which is kinda dumb to me. Isn’t the point of an RSS feed to see the latest and greatest news?

    So any simple code I can use, or even modified shortcode to get an RSS Feed Widget in Descending Order? I’ve found sites with code to completely rewrite the widget, and plugins a-plenty (if we had Jetpack this would not be a problem), but nothing practical for me. Our current theme, WOffice, does not offer this kind of support.

    The blog I need help with is



    I do not see what you see here

    If that is the RSS Feed URL you are linking to then it would appear that there is no issue.



    Thanks, timethief, but I should have included the link for the site I’m working on (it’s not tied to this account and as I am a super admin, not the site owner, I can’t request support using the login for that one). Unfortunately, it’s a private site so I can’t share it.

    And I think I found a way to do it, using the RSS feeds to the site I want to link to, but as there was a bad data migration done without changing the URLs for the blogs, the RSS feed is still pulling to the old site, which of course has not been updated. Should be pulling a 404…I’ll have to get on them for that.

    And of course the site theme they chose for the site I’m pulling from has blocked access to the function.php so no editing of the RSS information or even being able to go in and change the xml for the RSS. *sigh*

    So I suppose this is a long roundabout way of saying “never mind”. It’s something of a perfect storm of everything being exactly wrong.

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