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RSS Feed won't show up

  1. I'm puzzled about why you would post this title into the css customization forum with no message in the post. It sounds like a support topic so I hope I'm not wasting my time giving you these instructions.

    -> dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar widgets

    scroll down to RSS feed widgets - choose how many you want - for example 1 - click on "save" and it will then appear in your "available widgets" box

    drop and drag it into your "sidebar" place it where you want it to be and click on it to open it so you can configure it

    enter the url `http://teachinontheinformationhighway/
    enter a name for the feed example - teachin
    close the widget
    click "save changes"
    wait a few minutes (sidebar information is cached) and view your blog

  2. I worked for Starbucks for seven years, and while their official policy is to control that trademark within an inch of their lives, they do sometimes just let it go, particularly if it's a fan thing.

    I'm also not seeing an RSS button in the sidebar. You do need to fill in the sidebar widget as tt has said before it'll show up. Otherwise it will appear on your dashboard that it's there, but it won't show up on the site.

  3. @rain
    I didn't see one either. I assumed it hadn't been configured properly so that's why I spent all that time typing up the instructions.

    If you speak French will you please answer the post entitled "message"? thx.

  4. I used to speak French, but I took a crack at that post and it's beyond my skills at this point. Been in BC too long, I guess. There's got to be someone around who can do it, though.

  5. Timethief,

    Thx, I was still working it out when I hit "send" - I actually got The Motley Fool
    run but I couldn't get the RSS feed from Comedy Central's The Daily Show to work no matter what I did. That was where I was stuck. I'm such a newbie to RSS that I don't even know the questions to ask at this point...give me a week ;)


  6. What's the URL that you're trying to use for the feed?


    That's the link they gave from their "subscribe to RSS feed" button

  8. Looks like it's seriously broken.

    A quick test within WP gives me this error:

    Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL. takes it but I'm thinking it's one of the special feeds since it gives me a logo as well.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback but I don't think this one is going to work.

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