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  1. Something is going on with my RSS feed as I looked and several posts are showing as dated Feb 19, 2012 and they were posted in 2011. Also Google Reader shows that my average posting is 21.9 and that is way off as I post much less than that. Is there a known issue with RSS feeds right now?
    Blog url:

  2. I took a look and everything seems to be working properly. Are you able to reproduce the problem in a different RSS reader?
    Can you please try clearing out your cache? Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Firefox or Google Chrome?

    Otherwise send us a screenshot of the rss reader.

  3. I use Google Chrome and I don't know how to do a screenshot of the problem. If you don't see anything then it must be a browser issue. Thanks.

  4. Did you import your blog's content from elsewhere, possible on February 19?

  5. Ah, you see my problem. No, I did not import any content on Feb 19th.

  6. Scratch that, I forgot I listed that date above so you probably don't see it. If you do a Google search with my blog url, it will show several posts dated Feb 19 that were not posted on Feb 19. I just know that something was going on at one point but the feed continues to update regularly so I just thought I would post about the strangeness of my RSS feed and the content that it pulls up under the wrong date and frequency. I post barely once a week for the past month so the frequency is def. off. But if this is not something that can be fixed, I am open to resolving it and leaving it like it is.

  7. I don't actually see the problem myself, they all have the correct dates for me.

    You can take a screenshot following this guide:

    Then, upload it via Media -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard and I'll take a look.

  8. Okay, done!

  9. That seems to be a problem in Google Reader. The feed itself is fine, so others shouldn't have any trouble.

    You may need to contact Google about this.

  10. Okay and thanks for trying to help me out. I appreciate it.

  11. You're welcome!

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