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  1. Hello everyone...I am new to blogging but have a question i hope that someone can help me with.I want my blog space for personal use and private and only to be viewed by selected people.I was told that i need to use RSS feeds for any new posts to be shown in my windows live home page but i am concerned that others could access my posts.Is there any way i can post but still keep my blog space private?... As you can probably tell i am not exactly up on all the techie aspects of the computer world so any help would be greatly appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Private blogs do not have RSS Feeds.

  3. Does that mean that my blog posts will not show up on my windows live home page giving access to my viewers?

  4. That's exactly what it means. More to the point is that have removed Messenger Connect as a supported service and have centralized Publicize options under Settings → Sharing.

  5. Messenger connect was what i was looking for but could not think of what it was called lol.I am new to WordPress and heard i could control who could view my space and postings because i really do not want others reading my private/family/friend ramblings :-).Do you know of any other blogging site that allows private blogs with viewing access to specific people?

    Thank you for you help

  6. You can that here at See option 3 >

    I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose – Select this option to create a private blog. If you want others to be able to view your private blog (and add comments, if you’ve enabled them) you’ll need to invite them to be a viewer.

  7. any other blogging site that allows private blogs with viewing access to specific people?

    That is exactly what a Private blog is at WordPress.COM - you just need to invite in your friends and they do need to have an account (not a blog) to log in and view your Private blog

  8. I am sorry for being such a dumbwit with the questions but how will they know if i have posted something new if they can not see it on my windows home page?

  9. I assume you can post a snippet and link to your latest post on your blog on your windows live home page, can't you?

  10. @TT - does a Private blog allow email subscribers?? That would be a way for people to be told about a new Post also. Or as you say put a note on the home W live home page

  11. Oh that sounds a little beyond my abilities lol...

  12. email subscribers just need you to drag and drop the "Subscribe" Widget to the sidebar - then it is all automatic nothing more for you to do

  13. Ok that sounds simple enough,thank you

  14. God grief i am struggling with this technical thing.I still have not achieved to post and for it to be shown on my windows home page.Do i have to have a public blog to do this and also i can not find the "subscribe" widget or figured out how to post a "snippet" to my windows home page.. sorry for asking and being annoying with my questions for help...

  15. Stop and breathe. Double-check your blog is set to Private. Then go through this:

    That should get you started.

    And yes, you cannot automatically post snippets from a private blog anywhere; otherwise it wouldn't be private. Do it by hand if you want.

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