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  1. hi everyone,

    I am trying to figure out how to link a UN RSS feed to my blog. The only options it gives me is to link it to google or to link it to my personal email...and I dont want to either...I want it linked to my blog.

    Can someone help me? I read the help instructions btw...I just think I am missing something ! :)

  2. All Word-press blogs have multiple built-in feeds. Th syntax is well known and and we cannot prevent anyone from subscribing to those feeds on a public blog.
    This is your feed for posts
    this is your feed for comments

    The RSS Widget displays posts from any RSS feed. You might find this handy if you want to show off one of your other blogs, or one of your favorite blogs, in your sidebar.

  3. Thank you timethief,

    I understand what you have written, but the RSS feed I am specifically looking at is not another blog. Instead it comes from a new agency of sorts. How can I plug this in to my blog?

  4. I mean news agency - sorry !

  5. it does not matter where the RSS Feed is from. If it's a valid feed URL the all your do is enter the URL into an RSS Widget and place the widget in your sidebar >

  6. I am trying to put my wordpress blog on my Amazon author page - but they need to have the url of the rss feed vs. the site URL do I find out what this is?

  7. You could read what I posted above and go the support documentation I Iinked to. All Word-press blogs have multiple built-in feeds.
    This is the URL for your posts feed for the blog linked to your username

  8. @writeliving, if you look just above at timethief's first answer, you'll see where you'll find the information.

  9. LOL ~~ tt Didn't mean to step on your toes! :)

  10. ~~ My bones fragile - watch it! lol :D

  11. poisonedpeople

    Thanks for the above. I haven't got a clue what any of you are talking about.

  12. The UN does not want to post to your blog. They only want to send you email.

  13. poisonedpeople

    The United Nations??

  14. Why would they want to publish to your blog? That's the RSS feed you're talking about, right?

  15. poisonedpeople

    No, this to and fro should stop here because I'm wasting your time and you're obviously confused (in a nice way, mind you). What I'm saying is that I don't/can't understand anything regarding news feeds. I don't understand the terminology, the concepts (like I don't understand the layout/structure of Facebook). I read the instructions for getting a newsfeed for WordPress and I don't understand the instructions. I've got a Degree in Applied Science (Environmental Health; graduated top of my Degree) and I'm currently trying to complete a PhD in Sociology, but I can't understand anything about newsfeeds!!!!!!!! Go figure...

  16. Oh, that's easy to clear up. Watch this video. Geek culture generally sucks at explaining itself, but Common Craft videos clarify things.

  17. poisonedpeople

    Wow, nicely said! Thanks; will look at the video!!!

  18. a blockquote code em strong ul ol li.

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