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    We need to send feature image detail along with RSS feeds from our blog website which is currently hosted on So please let us know if there is any option to send featured image with free accounts, if yes then please provide detail of how to do it.

    However in case this option is not available with free account then let us know if we can achieve this using “personal or premium” account. After purchasing either of the plan will we have an access to the theme or plugin files? Can we install or uninstall any plugin at our end

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi arinorman!

    Unfortunately, the only way to add a featured image in your RSS feed would be with a plugin and plugin installation is only available with the WordPress Business Plan.

    -Nick M.



    Note that all images and media files are included in the feed Whether or not the recipient blocks images on their email programs is beyond our control.



    Please note my response above.


    Thank you

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