RSS-feeds for my blog?

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    Hello i have a small question regarding RSS…
    Someone asked me if I have RSS-feeds for my blog? I tried to put the Rss from widgets but i understand i can’t put the link from my blog? Is that correct?
    So how can i have Rss feeds for my blog.

    Thank you very much…:)



    The feed for your blog posts will be (assuming the blog linked to your user name is the blog you’re talking about)

    and for your comments



    And if you need to tell people or help them to subscribe to your feed, you can simply put the following code in a text widget (assuming the feed is for the blog attached to your username here) :-

    <a href="">Subscribe to my feed</a>



    The meta widget will also have it.

    Some themes have the orange RSS icon coded into them as well.



    Thanks for answering:)….

    I’ve tried to put the code as you suggested in a text widget

    Subscribe to my feed

    but after i click Save, in the text widget only : “Subscribe to my feed” remains and the link is gone. so for now it’s not quite working :(

    Am i doing something wrong?

    thanks ;)



    I see that here the link is working :( i don’t know why in the widget it doesn’t .



    It says that you have deleted your blog… if you are talking about a different one, could you give us the URL?



    my blog is just fine, I think…it’s not deleted :P…

    the URL is



    Ah, thanks. You may want to change the blog your name is linked to to this one instead. No point promoting a dead blog.

    Try using the RSS widget itself instead; just put YOUR feed in where you have to put the feed and it should work just fine, button and all. It is what I use.

    But your blog has another problem: the text of the main column gradually creeps over to the right so that at the bottom of the sidebar the posts are overlapping the sidebar. I have to go now, but you should definitely do a forum search for that issue because I know we have seen it before, just cannot remember what the solution is right now.



    “You may want to change the blog your name is linked to to this one instead. No point promoting a dead blog.”

    —- my name(eu1013) is linked with what blog ?

    So to understand it better: My username has to be the same as my blog’s name? I mean to have designawards as my username and designawards as my blog’s name too?

    ;)) Hiuuuu finaly it works…The RSS for my blog appears where it should be and it is fine
    :) thanks for the help

    I know about the other problem, but until now i just reedited the size of the photo to fit the page. :P I’ll look it up.

    Thanks again;)

    Merry Christmas as well !! :D

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