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Rss feeds have stopped

  1. rosedalegardens

    RSS feeds not showing up in 3rd party blogs
    My posts have stopped showing up sometime since the 1st on 3rd party blogs
    here are 2 of the blogs:
    I checked my reading viability settings and it's set to allow search engines to index this site.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your feed works fine: . You can try to re-add it on your blogspot blogs. Note that we can only give support for blogs hosted on

  3. rosedalegardens

    My new posts on my WordPress blog isn't showing up on 3 blogs that are following me. I haven't checked the others.

    I put the link to the 2 of blogs so that you could see that the Jan 1 post is showing on them, not the Jan 20 post. Mary

  4. The feed works fine on your end, but it's possible that Blogger has a problem pulling your blog feed. I suggest going to as we can't give support for Blogger blogs.

  5. rosedalegardens

    It started working right after our last correspondence. Thanks

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