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RSS Feeds - I am really lost here

  1. I have been looking for answers all over the place on feeds. Looked thru the forum, stumbled on a few related answers, but none fit mine. I watched the little video relating to feeds re: "enrolling" under Google, so proceeded there and was totally confused. I have a Google account and was a Blogger, but really want nothing more to do with Blogger(ing), that's why I'm over here at WordPress. So, here we are with the question: Step by step: I read what the RSS means etc and understand the concept, I just want to set it up in my blog. Help. The FAQ lost me, sorry.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Looking for information on how to setup rss widgets is best done by using the FAQs

    If you cannot understand the FAQs you might choose to start here.
    (1) Drag and drop your "Meta" widget into your sidebar. Then your rss feeds for entries(posts) and for comments will be available.
    (2) This is how to do that -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets -> go to the "Available Widgtes" box, locate the "Meta" widget and drag it into the "Sidebar Box" now drop it there and click "Save changes".

  3. you don't need to set one up; it's already there: and

  4. You're right - all of this time, I didn't even know it - tell me, do I just put the RSS widget on the sidebar and click to see the feed? Thanks so much by the way.

  5. /nod to judy
    As it turns out you don't have to do anything at all with a widget. Look for the orange icons in your right sidebar and click the links next to them. I tried them both and they are working just fine.

  6. Went to the right sidebar, to the orange icons and clicked the links. The 'comments' takes me to 'web page expired', the other link doesn't do anything. ??

  7. Take a look at the URLs for those links. Please note the 'feed' portion of the tag. Those links are set up for rss readers if you have one installed. If you don't then the links don't work. That's the way it's supposed to be.

  8. How many RSS widgets would you like?

    How many should we have? I used to have one but now I put all 9. Is that good? I dunno.

  9. They're free. They don't come out of the budget or anything. :)

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