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RSS + Google Blogs

  1. I wish to install an RSS link on my site which viewers can drag into their newsreaders to keep updated. Please advise me how to do this.

    Also, I copy and and paste my blog into my myspace page and this is recognised on Google Blog search, however nothing comes up from my WordPress site on Google. Could you please tell me how to rectify this.


  2. As you have linked your username to your myspaces blog no one here attempting to help you on the forum can view your wordpress blog. All wordpress blogs have rss feeds. Once you install your meta widget it will be in your sidebar. As for your google question here's the result of using the forum search box :)
    And here's the result from using the FAQs blog search box :)
    I hope that helps. :)

  3. Thanks for all this help. Can you please explain how I install my meta widget? Although I'm not even sure what a meta widget even is...


  4. Hi Chris,
    This will help you set up and configure your widgets. This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources.:)

  5. This has explained pretty much everything for which many thanks. However, I am still a little curious about Google Blogs. Your link points out that Google Blogs can take a few weeks to register a new blog, but I've noticed that the blog I keep on myspace is spotted in less than 24 hours and it was set up as the same time as my wordpress blog. What is the difference do you think?


  6. How long have you been running your MySpace blog? Once Google knows about a blog it will check it regularly for updates.

    With a new blog it will take some time before Google comes along and notices it's there. Once it know it will do the same as for your MySpace blog.

    Sorry if this sounds simplistic, it's more complicated than that but above describes the system in its most simple terms.

    Hope this helps.


  7. Hello Collin,

    My myspace blog was set up on the very same day as my wordpress blog. My myspace account had been in existence for considerably longer but there was no blog on it.


  8. The account will have registered on Google and then when you added a blog that would have counted from teh first day.

    I just checked google blogsearch and it's really weird the things it tracks and the things it doesn't. It's not even consistent. Of course, the same can be said for Technorati as well.

  9. I wonder what the most consistent and thorough blog search engine is out there?

  10. MSN? MSN will seldom visit a website unless invited by submission. Yahoo frequents more than MSN but less than Google but will dramatically increase visits after submission. Although Google says that manually submitting your pages to their index is unnecessary, they have an interface for you to do so. But don’t be surprised if it takes months for Google to acknowledge your site’s existence.

  11. Actually our experiences here is that MSN has been picking up blogs within a week and indexing them a lot quicker than Google has been.

    Not sure what you're basing that on...

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