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    When I’m on my own computer and I go to subscribe to my blog, it lets me. It brings up a box with options of “Which service should be used for viewing?” and once I choose and install Google Reader it takes me to a page that gives me the option to subscribe.

    However, when other people attempt to do this, after they install Google Reader, it takes them to a random page that has nothing to do with my blog and does not give them the option to subscribe. What do I need to do in order to make the landing page universal? Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is


    Please help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!



    Chrome browsers do not have built-in feedreaders. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Chrome



    Yeah I know they don’t but if you sign up for one of the viewing services, such as Google Reader, shouldn’t it work? It does on my computer, but not on other people’s. When they install Google Reader it doesn’t take them to my blog it takes them to a random page but it will take me to a page that gives me the option to subscribe to my blog.


    It takes you to the blog because it knows it’s your blog. In Google Reader you add the links of blogs you want to follow.


    So there’s no way to get it to work for other people?



    All they have to do is enter the complete and correct URL for the RSS Feed for your posts.


    So there’s no one-step process they can do?



    Yes. The one step is to add the RSS feed URL for the feed to your posts to their feedreader and that’s all they need to do.


    Okay I get that. Thanks for y’alls help. However, my boss and I still need a way to make this completely user friendly for someone who might not know that they need to go add the URL to their feedreader. I’ve tried feedburner but that takes away the aspect of being able to subscribe directly in Internet Explorer and we want all of the browsers to support what we choose. This button works so far, we just need to figure out an easy way for users to subscribe without them having to search and add the URL. It should be more simple than that.



    I’m sorry but the way RSS feedreaders operate is not our concern here. The blog has an RSS Feed and anyone who is online is expected to be able to use Google and locate the instructions for using their feedreader. Perhaps posting a link in a text widget to these instructions will be helpful





    You’re welcome and best wishes with the blog.

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