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    I’m a total noob regarding RSS Feeds.

    1)How can I add an RSS Feed to my site ?
    2)How can I put this link to other sites that I have, so that they show up the latest news in my blog?


    you’ll want to add a text widget to your sidebar. you can grab an image from here:

    and make it link to your feed,

    alternately, you can add the ‘meta’ widget to your sidebar, which will have your RSS feed.



    I think you would benefit from reading the thread and checking out the links in it



    Sorry, I’m a noob!!! I saw the answers but I can’t understand which of them are for which questions! So please write numbers before your answers!

    Do I need to type an rss link in every article of my blog? I hope not!
    1)How can I add an RSS Feed to my website so that other websites can have a box with the latest articles of my blog? (I only realised the pictures of the rss that you showed me -first link)
    2)How can these sites add a box to their site? only shows an xml file and nothing else.

    Tell me how this system works. I could not find a solution with the above tutorials!



    Excuse me I just found this post. Here’s the thread from the FAQs blog
    Here you go – happy blogging. :)


    I am sorry guys for my ignorance.
    I want to have my wordpress blog appear on
    They need an rss/atomfeed url for my blog as well as my url.
    What is this? How do I find it on my wordpress site?



    timethief, watch this topic carefully. an other users (sunburntkamel) gave me the same link. The point is that *I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE RSS LINK!!!!*

    Yes, I know that I can use this pictures. But put them where? With what? Where should I go in my Dashboard, what should I type, and how can I add an image? Give me an example!!!!



    I’m sorry this isn’t going very well. And I feel like screaming too. I click on your username and HOLA it’s not linked to a wordpress blog, instead it’s linked to a gamer forum.
    Let’s start with that, okay. You change the url in your forum profile to the url of your blog and then I will be able to see your blog and we will work from there. :)




    Your RSS feed is:

    Go to your dashboard > Presentation > Sidebar Widgets.

    Choose a “Text widget” and click the button on the title. This will open a window so that you can configure the widget.

    Give it a title of “My RSS”

    In the main box put <a href=””><img src=”image-location” /></a>

    Where image location is one of several images that you can choose from this FAQ. For example:

    <a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

    Will get you a pretty little orange button with a link to your RSS feed.

    Close the Text widget and then drag it onto your sidebar. Save changes and view your site.

    Voila, you have the RSS feed on your site. The XML file that you mention above IS the RSS Feed. It is pulled by whoever needs it and turned into intelligent text at their end.

    I hope this helps you some.




    By the way, LeftyBlogs says in their system:

    Remember, is for local progressive political blogs with original content

    I’m not sure they’d be interested in a sports blog. I can’t be sure of the content of your blog because of the language, this is just a guess.




    Take a look at what I’ve done:

    I’ve added a text widget, not an RSS widget (there was also an RSS, what does this do anyway?)

    And look at . Only the picture appears. Nothing else.



    That’s pretty much it. What you could do to make it make more sense is to add “Posts” after the image in the URL

    You could then create a second one for comments using exactly the same procedure (but in the same widget) using

    Nice work.




    Sorry, I can’t understand you!
    Does this thing work now? It only shows the tiny picture and nothing else. Is this code ok? What is the purpose of this box (“RSS Feeds”) if it doesn’t show latest topics?

    Please give me specific examples to understand how this thing works. Sorry for misunderstanding.



    Okay. Originally you asked how to implement *your* RSS feed. That is what we have done. We have put your RSS feed on your blog for others to to be able to subscribe to your feed. What you have done *does* work and when used with a feed aggregator will allow other people to read your feed.

    It won’t show latest topics because what would be the point of putting your own latest topics on your blog?

    Before we go too much further can I suggest you do some reading on what an RSS feed is and what it does? I think you may be confused as to the purpose of the technology. Google is a good place to start. Type “what is RSS” into the search engine.




    I use both my latest posts and latest comments feeds on my blog. I’m hoping that my visitors find it helpful because, depending on the browser used, you get a nice little snippet of content by scrolling over before clicking. I lean more towards that reasoning and not one that would label me a total egotistical maniac (heh, heh). ;)

    You can use RSS widgets to list your most recent posts and/or comments. It’s on the same page as the text widgets. Collin gave great instructions so I won’t repeat. Handle the RSS feed widget just as you did for the text widget. Put in your feed (, give it a title if you like (odd brain clutter or something like that), and pick the number of items to display (I use 10). Hope this helps. :)



    Thanks for the explanation EG. I’m a little confused though. The standard number of posts to show on the “home page” is 10.

    The number of RSS entried to show is 10. People can see the posts without clicking just by scrolling down the page…




    Hey Collin,

    No problem. I’ll try to explain my rationale but since I often refer to myself as an enigma, this could lead to further confusion. :D

    My home page is a static Welcome page without posts. Since most of my posts are long, the page I use for posts (My Thoughts) only has the most recent 6 entries. Most of my visitors land on the Welcome page or a specific post. (I’m really starting to think that very few actually view the “My Thoughts” page.)

    My hypothesis is that from their landing point, visitors drift over to the sidebar, see the feeds for recent posts or recent comments, and click on them. Of course, this is all untested but I figure it can’t hurt.

    Feel free to question my logic. I enjoy the feedback. ;)



    No, the logic makes sense. I made the assumption (and you know what they say about that!) that you had live posts, not a static home. In that instance it makes perfect sense to have a recent posts list in the sidebar.

    Personally I would use the “Recent Posts” widget rather than RSS but as you said, using the RSS will give a little detail on the post before the reader clicks.

    Thanks for the explanation! :)



    I’ve tried all these instructions repeatedly. It looks in the RSS Widget window like I’m doing it correctly but after I click the X to close the little window and then click “save changes” I look at the blog and nothing appears.

    I’ve tried this using a Text widget and an RSS widget. The Meta widget worked just fine.

    I’m mystified.

    Any help is appreciated.

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