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    Can someone help me out? I have added 3 RSS feed widgets to my sidebar, but though the titles are appearing, there are no stories/feeds appearing in the box. When I enter the same feed link in Opera Browser’s Add Feed it works fine.

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. One of the feeds is:



    All of the feed titles (when you hover over them) show that they are linking back to your blog rather than the RSS feed.

    You need to check the feed in the RSS Widget and ensure it has the correct feed URL in it.

    If it’s not that then I have no idea!



    Not sure where you got those URLs but the correct ones are




    Tried them on my test blog and they work fine.

    Hope this helps,


    To cornell and drmike:

    Thanks a lot. The issue is resolved. The feeds I had found and posted were totally messed up. Thanks especially to drmike for finding the correct ones. Everything is working fine now.

    — Will



    I have clients who pull them and we’ve had issues in the past. Can’t get CSM to admit that the links they have posted are incorrect. :)

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