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RSS in the body of the post, possible?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I want to post a blog that will have a page divided to 8 little squares that will be rss fed from 8 other blogs. Is it possible?
    can you feed with rss a post? If so, how can you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No


    RSS feeds in pages and posts are a favorite tool of scrappers and also for slime that copy all the content of other blogs - so it is not allowed here. You can put a RSS widget in the sidebar - one blog per Widget.

  3. Thank for the reply. but I do think there can be many other uses for RSS feeds. Indeed I forgot to mention that the feed will make an internal network of connected blogs. It is not about steeling other content for being too lazy to write one of my own.
    Does anyone happen to know where a thing like that can be possible?


  4. I believe you need to read these entries "scrpaer blogs" and "automated blogs" on the types of blogs allowed and not allowed page. What you are looking for cannot be done on a free hosted blog.

  5. If you are aggregating content from other authors in your group, it may be possible to use multiple RSS widgets in the sidebar (1 feed per widget) or make a single feed of all content with a utility like Yahoo Pipes and put the resulting feed into the RSS widget. Again, this will appear in your site's widget areas only and, again, this has to be real content; no advertising is allowed.

    As both auxclass and tt pointed out, blogs whose only purpose is reposting content from somewhere else are ripe for suspension.

    If you need to post feeds in the body of a blog, you can set up a self-hosted install of the WordPress software.

  6. Thanks Jennifer, you are very helpful.
    The group is an investigation group of doctorate students, I assure everyone it has nothing to do with advertising nor reposting blogs. The idea is to have a one presentation page in the group blog that unites all the students (10 in total) blogs with the feed of the their last 4 entries.
    I don´t know this Yahoo Pipes, I´ll take a look at it.
    Thanks again,

  7. Stop and think for a minute that you are talking about having 40 entries in an RSS widget. I'd rethink this because it is going to make the page incredibly long to scroll through.

    Where are these other authors blogging and why not set up a multi-author blog here? There are a couple of ways to separate posts by author so that their content appears on a separate page.

  8. Yes, I will look into the multi author blog. I´m trying to have the authors more liberty with their blogs (that are not online yet) meaning, design, user name and password, own contacts and followers etc. I don´t think the multi author can offer all of that.

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