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    I have a blog on and even tough I’m new in the blogging community, I’m starting to get a little traffic on my blog and some people wanted to subscribe to it. Unfortunately they couldn’t. And I’m talking especially about people who don’t use WordPress for their blog. They tell me in comments that they ca not subscribe to my blog (posts or comments) through the RSS widget on my page. Frankly I have no clue how to set that up. I just added it from the widgets section and I thought it would automatically work but then I read on Google that I need an RSS feed or something like that, to add it in the widget setting. How do I do that ? Where do I get that feed ? I spent half a day searching for instructions on Google and came up empty. Most of the advice is for people who use the software.
    Can anybody help me with this ? Thanks.

    PS: When I click myself on the RSS icon I get a full page of mambo-jumbo words and letters of which I can’t make heads or tails. It looks like this and it’s damned long. This is just the beginning of it.

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    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. To subscribe to an RSS feed, your visitors must either copy and paste the URL of your feed to their RSS reader, or have a browser that automatically does that for them.

    Unless another volunteer has a better idea, you might be interested in using something like FeedBurner. Clicking on the FeedBurner button would give your users a selection of readers to use, regardless of which browser they use. It also allows you to track how many people subscribe to your feeds and other interesting details.



    This is the feeed URL for your posts (entries):

    This is the feed URL for your comments:



    You’re getting that mumbo-jumbo because you’re trying to read a FEED in a browser reader. You need a FEED reader.

    If neither you nor your readers are particularly tech savvy, maybe what you want is the Subscribe By Email widget in your sidebar. That makes it really easy to read, and is incredibly popular.



    Here are relevant links just in case you want to take raincoaster’s advice and enable blog subscriptions on your blog so your readers receive new posts by email.



    Thanks a log guys, you’ve been of help all of you. :) I enabled the stuff that you guys suggested. :)

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