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    In the links category, on editting a link, there is a RSS field where I can insert the site’s RSS url (“wp-admin/link.php” page).

    I know about the “get_links(category..)” function, but there is a way to return the site’s RSS url (from “advance options” in the above page) instead of regular url?

    My final target is to create a links category for each writer, to define which category belong to which user (“switch” in php), create array of link/rss, name and description and display it in my format.

    The question is if there is a function that give me the RSS or I need to copy the “get_links” function, give it new name and change it to return the RSS link.

    Thanks :)



    I have a hunch you need to read the Read Me First sticky thread at the top of the forums. That’ll give you some guidance on where you need to be asking.

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