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    i am using free wp blog service. i am using a free blog theme.
    in this theme there are two rss links like

    i want to change theese links to feedburners links.
    how can i do?

    if it is not possible;
    with link, there is a part of what i wrote. i want to see all of the feed. and i want to see images on feeds.
    and there are no images.

    sorry for bad english..

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, you could use the link widget, and add your feedburner links to your blogroll (or other link catagories), or you could code up some html (the rss logo, and a link to your feedburner feed), although the second option is a bit more work than the first.


    Member does have subscriptions now. See >

    These instructions lets readers subscribe to your blog by email through Feedburner, if that’s what you prefer.

    1. Go to FeedBurner
    2. Register there.
    3. Burn your feed. Your feed address is your blog name with /feed at the end.
    4. Click ‘My Feeds’ at the top of the screen on the left
    5. Click the name of your feed
    6. Click the Publicize tab
    7. Click the ‘Email Subscriptions’ in the left column
    8. Choose FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, or Rmail to be your feed-via-email service provider.
    9. Click ‘Activate’
    10. You’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll need to scroll down to find the ”Subscription Link Code” and you must copy the code in the box underneath.
    11. Paste that code into a text widget.
    12. Save your options at FeedBurner .



    Thnx for your replies.
    But i think i cant explain myself.
    i want to change the links on my blog.

    thesee links goes to

    in theese feeds there are no images about my posts
    and a part of post there is.
    not all of post.

    in the reading settings on wp-admin, i selected all of post
    but in feed not all of.

    sorry for my bad english again.



    You only have 2 choices on this blogging platform:

    (1) Set up the subscription widget for your readers.

    (2) Set up an email updates of your blog posts through Feedburner as I described.

    You cannot divert your feeds on e free hosted blog to Feedburner.



    If you use “the more tag” to split content in your posts then your readers will not get full posts not matter what you set up here > Settings > Reading




    In every one of your posts I see:

    Okumaya Devam » = Read More »



    Really? It’s against the TOS to tell people to subscribe to your blog via a feed on feedburner?



    No. This person is a Turkish speaker and did not understand that using “the red more” tag yould over rule what was set yp here > Settings > reading re: full or summary RSS feeds. Therefore he or she was asking if they could not re-direct their feeds blog feeds to Feedburner. I’m accustomed to hearing this from blogspot bloggers.



    Dang! I made a typo above “the red more” should have been “read more”. The bottom line here is that you are not the one who requires help with this. agritux needs help and I’m not at sure that agritux will get what I’m saying, so please do not complicate matters by interjecting, okay?



    As far as I understand i cant change this links’ location:

    for example can i make one of them the other

    last question from me..



    No you cannot change the feeds but you can remove them from displaying.

    Do you understand that no matter what you set up here > Settings > Reading
    full or summary is over-ruled because you use Okumaya Devam?

    If you do not use Okumaya Devam then your readers will get full posts in the RSS feed.



    yea i understand the read more. if i remove read more, the feeds will be ok.

    “””No you cannot change the feeds but you can remove them from displaying.“””

    will i pay any money for this? i think editing html needs money



    No it does not require $. Only HTML in a text widget.



    RSS feed for entries (posts)
    RSS feed for comments



    thx very much. i deleted them :)



    i am marking resolved.
    thnx again.



    Yay! I’m so sorry I have only English but in the end we got the job done.
    Happy blogging!



    one more question from me…

    i removed the “read more” from all the blogs.
    but in the feeds still not all of feed.


    Moderator Emeritus

    Try Settings —> Reading —> “For each article in a feed, show ” Full text —> save

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