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Rss not Shown

  1. famouscelebrities


    i have just made a blog, then i go to my account settings and setup a theme etc. Here i see the RSS widgets. i drag it on the side bar and enter different url of rss feeds. Like
    i use this site to get rss links.

    but after saving my profile, when i see my blog it was still empty, means it cannot show me the data from RSS feeds.

    What can i do to show data through rss feeds in my blog.

    Please guide in this regard.


  2. The rss feed widgets on your blog belong to your blog and can be set up for others to be able to subscribe to your blog and receive your posts and comments via the feeds so they can read them in their feed readers. They cannot be configured to work in the opposite direction.

    More information on setting up your rss feed widgets can be found in the FAQs blog

    If you wish to subscribe to another blog's feed then you can set up an account at any feedreader service like Bloglines, Feedblitz, etc. and do so through your account.

  3. We would need to see an example of this on your blog to see what is occuring. You don't have any RSS feeds displayed on your blog.

  4. As the FAQ TimeThief pointed you towards says, the widget will tell you the problem if you open it back up in the sidebar widgets screen.

    Please disregard the first paragraph of her post, however (sorry TT :( ), because, as the FAQ says, the RSS widget is for displaying someone else's feed on your blog.

  5. I think they are having a problem with widgets, I experienced the same problem too. I am unable to change my RSS widget. I tried using the Flickr RSS feed which works fine in the RSS widget and that fails too. Plus they

  6. Please read this sticky post at the head of the forum

  7. famouscelebrities

    thanks for your replies, but what can i do to show RSS feeds from other websites. please guide me

  8. If you want to put the news from another feed on your blog, simply open the rss widget and paste the the feed address of the site you are taking information from. If when you do this nothing appears, open the widget and see if it says there was a problem.
    Usually it was not a proper feed address that was put in. You can display up to 9 feeds from elsewhere. Scroll down on the widgets page to set the number.

  9. famouscelebrities

    can you provide me any good rss link, which i can test.
    becoz i have put number of rss links in rss widgets, but none of them works.

    also i do in this way, i go to my control panel, then i select RSS widget and drag it to sidebar, then i click on it. After that it asks for rss feed url. I have mention a rss feed url, but it not works.

    so plZ EXPLAIN IN DETAIL, so that i understand,


  10. What you're doing is correct. The reason the CNN URL you gave us in your first post doesn't work is it is a link to a page where you can then choose which CNN feed you want. Try using this one:

    Also, just to note, there is a problem with widgets right now, so this isn't the best time to be trying to do this:

  11. famouscelebrities

    thank you so much. Now the feed is successfully displayed in my blog. But there is one more little issue.

    On my sidebar, different data displayed with different content. But when user clicks on any topic, it redirected to another site, (the original site) and in that case user lost connection with my blog.

    What can i do so user is still attached with my blog. Can i use any backlink, if yes then how to use it. And if 'no', then what can i do .

    Please help in this regard.


  12. You can't reformat the links in the sidebar that are hard coded into your theme. By that I mean that you can format widget links so they open in a new window, but you are stuck for the basic sidebar links that come standard with the blog; they all open in the same window.

  13. Take a look here and see if this is what you need:

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