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    hello, my rss button isnt working on my site. It’s the orange one next to my search bar. Can anyone tell me why? thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Your feed is valid >
    Are you using a Chrome browser that lacks a built in feed reader? If so then see here > RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Chrome


    It works fine for me in Safari, but jumps around in Firefox and that is because you have set a width of 0 in .subscribe. Set the width in .subscribe to 20px, the width of the images.

    Also, if you happen to be using Firefox or Chrome, the do not have built in feed readers. You either have to use something like Google Reads or you have to get some sort of add-on/plugin feed reader.


    you’re a genius! Thank you! much appreciated


    You are welcome.



    I’m a Mac user and have been using Google Chrome to subscribe to non WordPress blogs without any problem. However, when I tried to subscribe to my own site I got an error message. I have now added the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Chrome, and the problem is solved.

    But I’m a little bit mystified why I only encountered this problem on my WordPress blog. Isn’t this a WordPress issue, rather than a google chrome issue.

    Wouldn’t WordPress want to ensure that not one reader got left behind. Isn’t this a problem that WordPress should address. I know any potential readers I get won’t bother to find out why they can’t subscribe.



    I’m glad you found my post above and the link in it as that resolved your issue. I fail to see how WordPress Staff can address the fact Google Chrome does not have a built in feed reader, without one you cannot read feeds so IMHO that’s a Chrome issue.



    Thanks Timethief,

    My point is that I haven’t needed to install a feed reader extension before on chrome and have been able to subscribe to rss links. The only site I have had a problem with is WordPress. I think WordPress should look into this, because we all use it to get readers, its their thing! Perhaps, I’m the only person on the planet who has experienced this, but even if I am I’d still like to let WordPress know about it.

    I really appreciate your advise, you’re an angel fo the internet. :-)


    There is no feed reader built into Chrome. Never has been. There was a lot of puzzled people when that was discovered and a whole lot of whining about it. Chrome came out in Sept. 2008 and the whining started right then and continues to this day. There are nearly 100 threads on the google chrome help forum about this issue.

    You can use Google Reader.

    You can install a plugin.

    There is nothing wordpress can do about it since they didn’t write Chrome.



    Thanks SacredPath and Timethief,

    Between both or your replies I have a pretty definitive answer and understanding about my problem. I use google reader and this might explain why chrome seemed to work on some rss feeds and not others.

    Anyway, a mighty big thank you guys. Oh and Happy Christmas, we pretty well celebrate it for most of December in Ireland.



    I use google reader and this might explain why chrome seemed to work on some rss feeds and not others.

    That’s you answer for sure and best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas from me. :)

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