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    Somebody has tried to add our blog’s sitefeed to their website, but keeps getting this error message: ‘XML Error: Invalid character at Line 330’. Do you think the problem is at our end or theirs? If at ours, what can be done about it? Ours is a regular blog hosted at I’ve checked out the feed on Bloglines, Google Reader, IE, etc. and never had any problems.

    However, I thought I’d check the RSS feed itself – I assume it can be found at – and this brought to light another problem. I’ve ticked the ‘display full post’ box in ‘Options’, and in the Atom feed this does work. The RSS feed, however, only shows a short excerpt. Is there a reason for this? And again, is there anything I can do?

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    What the feed shows depends on the reader. I opened your feed in Live Bookmarks and it showed the excerpt, which is what I always see. (And I tried both RSS and Atom.) Some readers have different options.



    Thanks, Vivian!

    Yes, I suppose it could be that, too – though my reader’s default setting is the full post, and that’s what I normally see. Indeed, that’s what I saw with the Atom feed. Only not with the RSS.

    I take it that nobody has had similar ‘XML Error’ problems, then?



    Hope this is the right place – sorry if not – have added a feed to my widget bar but it does not show the feed symbol but a blank box on my site, any thoughts?



    I answered on the other thread of yours.

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