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    I know there are many posts about this, but I can’t find the answer I need among all the random posts within the RSS posts so….

    1. How does someone get an RSS feed from MY blog here on wordpress?

    2. To get an RSS feed from all the blogs I go to, do I just need to add extra RSS sidebar widgets for each one?

    Thanks in advance for help



    1 – There’s a link on your blog’s RSS feed right under the calendar. It’s already taken care of by the site software. (And, yes, when you pull it up in your browser, it gives you errors and/ or looks weird. That’s normal as RSS feeds aren’t designed for browsers. Just getting a jump on your next question. :)

    2 – Yes, each feed is seperate. You can also use a number of different readers on your home computer or via a third party site. A search pulls up a number of them. (Seems like a lot of people use Bloglines around here)


    drmike…a friend commented that she could not get an RSS feed from me, does she just need to set up an additional sidebar RSS widget then?

    Thanks for the answers, much appreciated!



    She needs one RSS widget for each feed that she is pulling in.

    She shoulf be using the following without the space after the colon for your feed:

    http: //

    Check to see if she’s using the http:// bit as people have a tendancy to leave it out. I just tried it here and it came out fine.

    hope this helps,

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