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    I added RSS widget for Multiply and found out that WordPress supports only link-tags. I had some debate with Multiply’s admin and they reffered to RSS specifications at where it is said:

    “In some systems, link is a permalink to a weblog item. However, in other systems, each item is a synopsis of a longer article, link points to the article, and guid is the permalink to the weblog entry. In all cases, it’s recommended that you provide the guid, and if possible make it a permalink. This enables aggregators to not repeat items, even if there have been editing changes.” (Technology at Harvard Law, Internet technology hosted by Berkman Center, RSS 2.0 Specification.)

    I am not an expert but I just want to inform you what could be the reason why some RSS feeds does not work on RSS widgets.



    Very informative update to this issue at:

    I am a newbie with RSS feeds but briefly the thing is like Otto says at :

    “… the link tag is the far, far more common way to provide an actual URI for a story, because that is what it is designed to do.”



    Really dumb question here. Multiply? :)



    Well, I am looking for “free” Web publication platforms for one workshop, and one of my colleagues invited me to It can be used for free too but then you have to stand those hideous adds.

    But the tools on Multiply are very easy to use. There’s also interesting built-in system that let you know who of your Multiply friends, or friends of the friends, have posted something or visited at your site. I have understood that in Yahoo 360 is somewhat similar system.

    The major limitation in Multiply is that it offers the RSS feed to export ( a bit faulty though, as I mentioned in my previous messages) but you can’t import RSS feeds into it.

    But now that I found Worpress, I decided that it is the best example for that workshop of mine.

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