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RSS stats seem weird lately

  1. I'm in Dashboard/Feed Stats looking at my RSS Feed Stats and for the last couple of days the stats have been many times higher than they've ever been. Now, I know that 60,000 people haven't just signed up for my feed overnight. So, I'm wondering what's up?

  2. Hi Robert,
    Sorry but I can't answer you and I can't track down anyone who can either so I'd say it's send in a feedback time.

  3. I'll have what he's having.

    I haven't noticed any anomaly in the RSS feed stats lately. They've always been a steady 10% of my blog hits.

    Are you getting 600,000 hits lately? How many friends does Patrick have?

  4. Mine look about the same. I was thinking that maybe in the old style, the system was counting individual IP addresses and maybe they switched over to counting pulls from any source instead.

    60k? Must be nice...

  5. I am investigating the problem.

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