RSS Subscriber … count? list?

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    Ok.. I have the RSS feed. Check.
    I know how it works when I am NOT using my blog/site.

    How can I see how many subscribers I have without adding a “feedburner chicklet” but rather how many are subscribed to the site RSS?

    Please.. be kind to the slow-brained-new-webby-person and speak to me like I don’t get it.. ’cause I maybe don’t. LOL



    You can’t. I could for example be a subscriber to your blog by putting it on my Tag Surfer and you wouldn’t know about me. I could also subscribe through Bloglines under “private” and once again you wouldn’t know.



    Sad! I don’t need to know the individual person – just was curious about the counts. I know I can do this with a feedburner feed… but I’m rather enjoying my wordpress stats. =) Just curious is that type of feed subscribe counter was even an option.

    Thank you thistimethisspace =)


    You’re welcome. I was awkward implying names when I really meant that to illustrate that “no” the numbers of subscribers will not be known. Will you please mark this thread “resolved”?



    we used to have feed stats, but they were really inaccurate and wonky. Staff has said they will bring them back once they are working better, but it’s anybody’s guess when (or even if) that might happen.

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