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    I’ve noticed that my rss feeds have extremely short teasers when imported to other sites. Specifically I need my teaser to be longer than 2 sentences when imported to which is an aggregation site that carries my blog. Any ideas on tags or something I can slap in the html to make it break later or something like that.?



    I took a look at the RSS feed on your blog and the entire post is in there. I have a feeling that the issue is on their end.

    What it looks like to me is that the RSS feed is dividing the post into two bits, a description of the two lines that you mention and the full content. It looks like that the4 site in question is just using the description bit.

    Looks like that on mine as well.

    Two things you can try though.

    – Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Syndication Feeds – > For each article, show – > Make sure that it’s on full text. (It is on mine though.)

    – Drop the site in question and ask/ suggest they pull the entire post instead of the description.

    I remember something about the Description field within RSS had to be a certain length. It might be required to be that size and anything else would “break” it.

    Where on NN.Net do you see the pulls? I don’t see them.




    Hi, I have a related (possibly silly, newbie) question. Is there a way to get the feed to include the entire post, rather than just the teaser, for those who use newsreaders (while continuing to offer just the teasers on the main page for web users)? Is this something I can control, or is it up to the newsreader? Thanks.



    no way, it’s up to .com feed.



    What shows up in the feed comes directly from what’s in the posts.

    Now you can do the reverse. Tell the feed to only use the teaser. That’s Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> For each article, show -> Select Summary and click on “Update Options.”



    as far I could get it pklein wants a full feed while having his posts paged by _MORE_ tag.

    I’ve already run into this issue earlier and submitted a feedback together with an “idea”. funny, no respond.

    whereas it’s a common for wp feed behavior, it may become a real PITA when someone would like to ‘backup’ a blog of his own using a ‘RSS method’.

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