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    I’m really sorry if I double-ask, or if I’m totally stupid now:) I was looking around for 2 hours, and couldn’t find anything.

    So, WHAT is my RSS widget for, and how do I use it? I got what RSS is in general. But am I right if I think:

    I don’t have to do anything, if someone wants my blog as RSS, she or he can just add it with their feed-reader?,


    I have to put the RSS widget on my site, while adding, I put in the RSS widget field “Enter the RSS feed URL here:” this:, and then people can have my site as a feed when they click on the widget?

    Or I haven’t understood anything? I’m actually someone who read more things on paper than in blogs until now, so I have really no idea.

    Christmas-cookie for anyone who doesn’t laugh at me:).



    You are asking two different questions.

    If you want someone to subscribe to your blog using your RSS feed then you don’t need to do anything. People can subscribe your blog in their feed reader through various means; however, sometime people prefer to show their RSS feeds very prominently, in fact, there are some themes which display blog’s RSS feed in visible view (some don’t like your theme), you can search FAQ on this. The point is, the subscribers can generally find blog’s feed address using the feed reader program (or they can click on orange icon in the browser’s address bar – in Firefox). Here’s the FAQ for this question which shows you how to share your Feed URL.

    The RSS Widget (which requires you to type feed URL in the widget) will show the blog entries of your blog if you add your own feed address You should avoid adding the feed of your own blog in this widget unless you have a specific need. However, you can add other people’s blog posts in this RSS widget so they will show up on your blog in real time. Here’s the FAQ for this particular question.

    Does this answer your question or have I confused you more? Feel free to reply back.



    No, I had to read it twice, but now it makes perfect sense:) Thanks a bunch.

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