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RSS widget displaying feed as XML file rather than article

  1. I have attempted to place the RSS feed ( provided for Open Access News ( to display in an RSS widget. Unfortunately, when I follow the displayed headline links, raw text (XML) is displayed instead of an article.

    I've tested another RSS feed ( that uses FeedBurner, and it works ok.

    The only difference I can note between the two, is that the Open Access News is a link to the feed as well, whereas the title to the Richard Dawkins RSS feed leads to the website.

    I used Google Reader to subscribe to the Open Access RSS feed and this worked ok.

    I'm not sure if this a problem with what I have done or the feed itself?

  2. That page is a quarter meg in just text. Dang, that's a big page. Took almost 20 seconds on the OC-192 here just to load.

    If you'll note, if you hover over the links in the dGCQ feed, it points to other feeds. The richarddawkins feed points to actual articles.

    The reason why it works in Google Reader, and I'll bet in most other reader, is that those readers translates the XML into something viewable. All the RSS widget is doing is grabing the URL given to it and displaying it.

    Not sure is anything can be done. I'd call it a possible bug though (And I've got to admit that I don't think it is) and submit a feedback to staff and have them take a look at it.

  3. Thank you for checking it out drmike.

    "Dang, that's a big page."

    One of the reasons why I would like to grab the headlines :)

    I've been reading back through some of the articles and one of them is titled Housekeeping is saying that Blogger automatically updated the blog to their new software. I've sent an email to the author, explaining the issue and requesting that he check the feeds are ok after the update too.

  4. I've had a reply from the blog author, to say that he feels that all is ok from his end.
    Also suggested the Atom feed, but that does not work in the RSS Widget.

    Beginning to wonder whether it is a case of following through, i.e. using Blogger, then FeedBurner etc etc.

    I think you're right, the difference between grabbing feeds as opposed to real headlines.

    Will submit a feedback. Thanks for your help.

  5. Also suggested the Atom feed, but that does not work in the RSS Widget.

    I should take it actually. We had a thread on this a couple of days ago. With atom though is there's even a warning and not an error, it stil won't be accepted.

  6. @drmike
    I don't understand what you are suggesting. I have accepted your earlier advice which has since been confirmed by others, that the feed itself is the issue.

    Also, that there is little that I can do at my end other than contacting the author and showing that another blog that is using the same service works ok.

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