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Rss Widget Help

  1. Hi, I don't know if this is the sort of thing you can help people with but here goes.

    I would like to use a sidebar text widget to display a running total the amount of money i have raised for a specific charity.

    The fundrasing page has an RSS feed so I was wondering if it is possible to somehow extract the amount from this and using some html show it in a text widget.

    the feed is here

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. Have you tried just dropping the RSS feed into an RSS widget and seeing how it displays?

  3. I hadn't tried it until you mentioned it. it kind of works but not quite.

  4. Please make your title for the widget shorter.

  5. doesn't look great I have to admit. I'm not sure if it is down to the feed or the theme you're using. Different themes display content in different ways.

  6. aha - thanks drmike - i didn't put a title and it was using the feed title by default.

    problem solved - thank you all.

  7. Looks good now, best of luck with raising the funds.

  8. thanks britishbullblog :D it looks great im really pleased.

  9. That DOES look good. Great workaround!

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