RSS Widget needs the option to open links in new window

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    Dear WordPress Code Wizards:

    I think you should add a new feature to the RSS Widget that, when selected, would allow RSS feed links to pop open in a new window. (You know, the old target=”_blank” code added to an a href, which pops open the link in a new window.)

    You should add this option to the RSS widget because it would keep people on WordPress sites much longer. Otherwise, blog readers click on an RSS link/article and in doing so exit the WordPress blog — which is not what we all want.

    I really like using the RSS Widget, but it would be awesome if my feed links/articles popped open a new viewing window for my readers. That way they could stay on my WordPress blog longer.

    I envision a simple checkmark option that allows WordPress bloggers to turn the feature on or off from inside the RSS widget.

    Please respond and let me know if you will add that feature to the RSS widget.

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