RSS widget not working in Ocadia theme

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    I’ve tried it many times.

    When I open the RSS widget to customize it there is this text in the top field:

    Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

    I highlight and replace that text with this (using both opening and closing < >, of course):

    a href=””><img src=”image-”</a

    In the bottom field I type:

    RSS Feed

    I click the X and then click the Save Changes button.

    I wait.

    When it says the site is updated, I go and look and there is nothing there.

    When I go back to the widget to check it, the “RSS Feed” text is still in the lower field, but the upper field again has “Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.”

    I’ve tried this over 15 times. What am I doing wrong? Perhaps it is this theme or some other problem?

    Thanks for looking into this when you can.



    All you put in there is the URL of the feed. Nothing else. No HTMl and not image stuff.


    Ok. I’ll give it a try. I was copying what to put in from the FAQ…



    The FAQ is for putting a link to your own RSS into a text widget. That’s different than what you’re doing. You’re trying to put a feed in. That’s what the RSS is for.


    Got it. Thanks for clearing that up! I tried it and it works. Thanks much.




    I too am having trouble with getting my feed to work in the RSS widget, I put in my address plus/feed and I see nothing on my blog where it is in the sidebar.
    I have read the faq’s and followed everything *I think* to the letter.
    Help appreciated very much.



    update – tried it one last time, and finally got it to work,
    thank you.



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    The RSS widget is for using RSS feeds from other blogs, not your own. You should be using the Recent Posts widget instead. Remember that RSS feeds are cached and you’re pretty much just shooting yourself in teh foot by using it.



    I am having similar problems with adding the RSS widget to my blog. I am trying to add my MOG recently played songs RSS feed in the widget, but I keep receiving the error: Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

    The feed I am trying to add is:

    I’ve tried cutting and pasting it several times, but continue to get the error. Is it because it won’t accept .xml? I’m lost.

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