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    Why does the RSS widget have an arbitrary limit of 10 posts to display?

    Why not increase it to 25?

    Also why not allow it to be 0? in case someone just wants to display a link to the rss feed, not the posts themselves.

    Increasing the limit to larger than 10 would be really nice.

    Recent Posts Widget is limited to 10 and has no configuration option.

    Why 10?





    evolving trends – you might take the time to read http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=2578&replies=6 and expand your information base. Hope this thread contains some information that you find useful. Today I set mine up and bloglines drew all my 82 posts as well as my pages.


    Thank you for your help but unfortunately the responses in that thread do not relate to the RSS Widget.

    The RSS Widget (which can be found under Presentation->Widgets) has a setting for the number of posts it would display inside the browser in HTML (or XHTML or whatever it is.) That number is limited to 10.

    Can they change it?





    Well, if you wanted it set to zero, than it wouldn’t be much of a feed, then wouldn’t it? :)

    Best bet in that case would then to just create a link to it.

    10 is pretty much a standard. Also remember that each of those lines has to be processed by the PHP processor on the server. More overhead. Podz and I made mention of it in this thread when we were dicussing the number of posts people like putting on their home page.


    What’s happening now is that I have no way to list the last 25 significant posts. I can only list the last ten and they are not the most significant. Whatever is not listed in the side panel under RSS widget or Recent Posts (both limited to 10) never gets read!




    @Dr. Mike: just to make this more complicated, I don’t entirely agree to the fact that a value of zero would make the widget redundant.

    The widget is great: it makes it easy to highlight the ‘existence’ of your feed (not all templates make it easy to find it) without having to create a bookmark with an icon that you first have to find somewhere, then upload, then link to.

    But why zero then?

    1. The most recent posts will already BE on the page right next to it. Why duplicate the titles in the sidebar and lose space?

    2. When people subscribe, the feed will be loaded into the feed reader anyway. Why announce the titles of the posts they will be getting in a few seconds (and have probably already read, why else subscribe)?

    That said, I’m perfectly happy with things as they are now, thank you ; -) It’s just something that struck me as a missing possibility the moment I saw the widget was available.

    @evolvingtrends: write significant posts all the time then ;-)

    Seriously though, things never being read is of course a risk that you run by blogging anyways. Older posts disappear into the archives and often into oblivion. That is what happens to a lot of things in this fast-paced society. But people who like your blog, will not hesitate to browse these archives – I know I do and many of my readers have surprised me by doing the same.

    If you are concerned your good posts might get lost (I have that too at times, so it’s not criticism), how about using a text widget linking to your favourites or highlighting your ‘best received post of the month’ or something? Just an idea, really.

    Good luck!



    What I was saying that if you wanted to make a feed of zero posts, why not just create a link to the site in question? When you have a RSS feed of zero, all you get out of it as just a link to the site under the title. So, therefore, all you get is a link to the site the RSS feed is comeing from. The URL of the feed is not displayed, just the URL of the site in question. So, why not just make a link?

    And, honest answer, if you want your visitors looking at specific posts on another site, then blog about it. That way, they don’t miss them.


    in order to link it, you can still use the same RSS icon, just use a text widget, and link to your feed like this:

    <a href="YourFeedURI" title="TheNameOfYourBlog"><img src="http://evolvingtrends.wordpress.com/wp-includes/images/rss.png" alt="subscribe to my feed" title="subscribe to my feed">TheNameOfYourBlog</a>

    as far as noteworthy posts, you should probably make a category called ‘noteworthy’, and then add the feed to an RSS widget, like this:

    if you use the fauna theme, it will also automatically add a heart to any posts tagged noteworthy. when the final version is released, you’ll have more fun tricks to play with noteworthy posts as well.



    Interesting questions and answers and some great ideas. Thanks for asking – and answering.


    Thank you very much for the answers …

    Many good ideas …

    I’ll have to try them out and see which ones works out better

    I was going to put an “I [heart] WordPress” logo in the empty space (of which there is only so much with my horrifically long posts) but I thought for now I should keep it all textual!



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