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RSS Widgets broken

  1. Hey guys.
    when I add RSS 1-9 to sidebar and edit that to show rss links, that say Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL. and not added to side bar.

    Sorry I can't speak English ;)

  2. Which URL are you using? For your own blog you should use

  3. Thank but I want add other sites feed, for example : last CNN headlines or Last bookmarks,....

  4. You need to find the feed related to the specific site.
    CNN Top Stories feed is this:
    Place the URL in the proper place within the widget and you should be good to go.
    In the upper right hand corner of the CNN page it says "RSS Feeds"
    Every feed they offer is right there.
    It essentially works the same way on other sites as well.
    Hope that helps.

  5. thank you very much, I can't impart intent...
    see this example.
    1-go to widgets in presentation menu.
    2-drag and drop RSS 1-9 to sidebar.
    3-enter my feed url ex(
    4-click on Save Changes button.
    5-the feed not shown in my blog (
    6-go to widgets again.
    7-click on entered feed properties. in the top box wrote : Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

    this problem is on all feeds! I can't belief all feeds on internet are rotten!! 8-(

  6. :-( thank you
    but my problem is'nt this!
    I want show last headlines added to site feed (ex. on sidebar but has error....Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

  7. What theme are ya usin'?

  8. Kubrick

  9. This is not a theme dependent issue. Look at your (5) above
    5-the feed not shown in my blog (
    your feed is

    If you want feed to news services like CNN for example then they look like these - click the link and look at them please.

  10. The RSS widget is flaky if the feed doesn't validate.

    Try using on the URL before using it in a widget.

    I've found a trick where I create a FeedBurner feed of a feed that doesn't validate, and then I can use it in a widget.

    1. take feed that doesn't validate
    2. log into and burn a new feed based on the RSS url from #1
    3. add the feedburner RSS url from #2 as a sidebar widget

    PS: If you want to show your delicious bookmarks, just use the delicious widget instead of the RSS widget.

  11. all feeds I want add to widgets are validate!!

  12. you still haven't given us any URLs of feeds you have tried. Please paste the URLs that aren't working here, so we can perhaps see what is wrong.

  13. I have no problems with the various feeds I've used. I use the actual widget instead of the direct feed, so I can't say anything about that one. But, I do have my Flickr feed in a regular RSS widget. It's working just fine. I had experimented with other feeds and never had a problem with them. Here's my Flickr feed that works without error:

    Paste that as the address in one of your RSS blocks and see if it gives you an error.

  14. and has censorship in Iran and I cant use the direct and flickr widget.

  15. anybody there?

  16. I'm here but I'm sad to say that I have no help to offer you. :(

  17. I clicked them all.

    All of them except the feedburner one added to Google Reader just fine.

    I have Firefox set up to automatically take a feed URL and redirect it to Google Reader.

    The feedburner one just pop up the page. So it might not be a RSS feed. I don't know enough about feedburner to tell you.

  18. thank you very much dear friends, my portion is black!

  19. contact support on Monday to get this fixed

  20. Today is Monday, Support is currently closed.

  21. That's because it's roughly 3:30 am PDT right now.

    Give them about 6 more hours.

  22. WOW...

    Everyone who responded to these questions, who are truly helpful and caring.
    I didn't have RSS issues, but I found the string of questions and answers outstanding!!

    Thank you.

  23. Same problem as above.
    The link is:
    My shared google reader items

    Feed validator say that it is an Atom 1.0 valid document but ...

    This feed is valid, but may cause problems for some users. We recommend fixing these problems.

    line 4, column 1304: Missing source element: updated (4 occurrences) [help]

    ..." type="text/html"/></source></entry><entry gr:crawl ...

    Uhm ... I don't know what I can do in order to resolve this issue!

  24. more:
    feed burner trick doesn't function, and Atom Feed seems to be in a not valid format (flock and google reader too doesn't recognize as a valid feed link).
    When I click on feed icon on the browser it display the XML file not the RSS (or Atom) template.


  25. Are you sure your blog @ Coz i think your hosting not support rss engine. I have like your problem too @ some free hosting, but not at my localhost. I use theme, plugin and configuration like @ my free hosting but its not work.

  26. @dhyar produces this message "The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available."

    Setting that aside, these problems can only be remedied by staff. Please contact staff during weekdays and during support hours.

  27. I think the port which should be open for getting the contents should be behind a firewall.This is my own guess.

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