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rtl for hebrew

  1. HI,

    Im new here and my blog is

    I use hebrew. i tried to change by css the left to right to rtl - but its didnt work. untill its will work im chaning each article html version to do that.

    is there any way to change al the site to rtl?

    if there is please write me the exact order - it will be very helpfull for me...


  2. @tsahar
    Ryan is the one working on the languages projects on wordpress. Perhaps you could email support at this domain and put attention Ryan in the subject line or maybe you would prefer to send in a feedback. In either case I believe it would be helpful to include a link to this thread.

    [Email link hidden per staff's instructions to prevent spam - drmike]

  3. But to expand on what TT says, rtl support is supported but currently requries a request made to staff via a feedback to support via the feedback link on your Dashboard.

    A quick glance at the code of my WPMU sites shows work being done on this as well.

    Good luck,

  4. Hi - I'm new here too and hope to add Hebrew to my site at times; this is very helpful - thanks.

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