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Rubic/ Reddle dashboard message won't go away

  1. Can anyone help me please? I have the "Rubic" WP theme, and I love it... I DON'T want to change it at all. Weeks ago I got this message at the top of my dashboard:

    "Howdy! Your current theme, Rubric, has seen an update in a brand new theme called Reddle. If you want to try out the cool new features in Reddle just head over to Appearance→Themes and activate Reddle—or check out any one of the other fantastic themes we’ve been adding lately."

    ... ok I'm being "offered"the possibility to change to Reddle. My response is: No thanks, I don't wish to. I like Rubic.... no I LOVE Rubic... it suits me just fine, I'm not looking to change my theme.

    My problem is that this message doesn't go away.. it's been there weeks and weeks and weeks now and it's getting annoying and it''s cluttering up my dashboard.

    Is there any way I can get rid of this Reddle message please?

    Many Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Given your choice is to remain with the theme you have, I would just ignore the message and blog on. You may find the nessage annoying but knowing when themes have been updated is becoming increasingly more important as the mobile web grows. There will be dashboard chnages and there will be theme changes in our future. Reddle is a responsive width theme and that means that the layout adapts to the device it's being displayed on. That's the future of blogging themes and its why I'm asking others Is Your Blog Mobile Compatible?

  3. Thanks for the reply TT,

    My "mobile web" at the moment only consists of my laptop so I never thought of the update as being useful for other devices...

    (sigh) I'll live with the message ... I don;t need it right now but it looks like it's never going away anyway so it will be there when I maybe want it in the future LOL

    Thanks for the link... interesting read. Cheers!... Kiwi :)

  4. Just a word of caution. If you want to stay with your current theme, don't change to something else "to try it out" because given past experience, you may not be able to change back.

  5. @kiwidutch
    I don't own a laptop, cell phone or smartphone either. However, I'm beginning to notice the mobile users who are viewing my blog. The Mobile Web ranking here only includes sites that participate in the Quantcast Measurement program and have their traffic directly measured via a Quantcast tag like does. I'm glad to hear you found my article interesting. Best wishes with your blog.

  6. oooh Thanks for this advice Jennifer... I didn't realise that might be the case so... MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

    (especially since my technical knowledge is limited so I could really easily accidently make changes I wouldn't know how to fix!)


  7. TT... I may be forced to own a phone sooner than later (work related) sigh... I'm trying to keep life simple and uncluttered of too many tech-reliant gadgets.. but I have kids who are growing up fast so at some point it will have to cave to "keep up" with what they are up to ! LOL

    Best wishes with your blog too :)

  8. @kiwidutch
    Cheers! :)

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